About parking violation

  • Let's stop illegal parking!

    Illegal parking can be a major hindrance to traffic and can cause traffic accidents.

  • Parking violation will be subject to crackdown for a short time

    In addition to police officers and traffic patrol staff, private parking guards will check for neglected parking and install signs.
    Regardless of the length of the parking time, "Abandoned Vehicle Confirmation Mark" will be installed for vehicles for which negligent parking violation has been confirmed.

    • Take care when such things: shopping at convenience stores, loading and unloading of luggage, meals

In the unlikely event of a driver who has been enforced for parking violations, please take the following measures.

  • Confirmation of illegal parking violation When a mark is attached

    Please complete the following procedure before returning the rental car.

    1. Please appear at the police station listed on the confirmation mark and complete the prescribed procedures.
    2. Please complete payment of infringement fee.
    • When you return the rental car you will be presented with a traffic foul announcement, payment form and receipt.
  • When returning, payment can not be confirmed to be completed

    We charge the following amount (parking strike money) per parking violation.
    25,000 yen

    1. Please appear at the police station listed on the confirmation mark and complete the prescribed procedures.
    2. Please complete payment of infringement fee.
    • When you return the rental car you will be presented with a traffic foul announcement, payment form and receipt.
    • After returning the rental car, we will repay the full amount you deposited by presenting the payment and penalty to the police and presenting the payment form / receipt in the prescribed way. (For transfer fee etc, we will be customer burden.)
    • In the event that we are unable to respond to any violation processing or payment of parking charges, we will provide the customer with personal information to the police and take necessary measures to pursue responsibility for negligent parking violation.Also, by reporting to the National Rental Car Association, we may refuse future rental car lease at the association member rental car company.

Obligation to use safety equipment

  • About the obligation to wear the rear seat belt

    Wearing the seat belt of the rear seat is also obligatory!

    Is the obligation to wear seat belts only on highways? There are many people who are misunderstood.

    From June 2008, even on the rear seat, wearing a seat belt was obligated regardless of expressway or general road. Not wearing seat belts is a violation. It is the duty of everyone riding.

    In our shop "We are wearing a seat belt wearing rear seat" we are carrying out. We will guide you on your departure after confirming that you are wearing a seat belt at the time of departure by the passenger on the back seat. Please cooperate.

  • On the obligation to use child seat

    Children under 6 years of age must bring a child seat without fail.

    Drivers are obliged to use auxiliary devices for infants (child safety seats) when the children under the age of 6 are allowed to board by the Road Traffic Act. Even when you rent a car you must be sure to install it.

    Children under 6 years old will be brought in and if there is no child seat, we will refuse to rent car.

In case of emergency accident or malfunction

First of all, in the event of an accident, relief of the injured. Next, please contact the police and our company.

  • In case of accident
    • Please get rid of the injured person. (Contact number 119)
    • Please contact the police next. ※ Please do not settle on the spot absolutely.
    • Please contact us at the end.
    • We will give you a check sheet at the time of accident at the time of lending, so please fill in.
  • In case of failure
    • In case of failure or malfunction of the vehicle, please contact us promptly.
  • About customer burden at accident
    • Please bear the deductible amount of insurance.
    • Damage amount exceeding compensation amount by insurance and loss amount when insurance money is not received will be borne.
    • Non-Operation Charge (NOC): In the event that our company can not use car rental due to accident, theft, borrower or failure attributable to driver's responsibility, car rental contamination, odor etc., The following fee will be charged as part of leave of compensation.
      • When the vehicle is returned to the scheduled store (self-propelled) 100,000 yen
      • Other Others Other than above 200,000 yen
  • About application exemption of insurance compensation system

    The damage caused by the following operation or condition is borne by the customer.

    • In cases where predetermined procedures such as contact with the police and our company are not taken from the accident site.
    • In case of violating the membership agreement.
      Driving other than the driver who offered at the time of borrower and lease, driving without permission, without permission of our company without our consent In case you have settled.
    • When there is a fault in management use.
      In the case of forgetting to lock or parking with a key attached and stolen, damages caused by unwanted parking etc., contamination of indoor equipment, loss of equipment, damage caused by bad use and corrosion of car body etc. Costs, damages caused by chain / carrier wearing, etc., running due to coast, riverbed or forestry, using for various tests / competitions, or towing / boosting other vehicles.
    • Since it will be out of correspondence of insurance compensation concerning the negligence in the circuit, running on a bad road, running on a road other than public roads, and negligence in reckless driving, bear the tire, vehicle repair fee at actual cost.
    • Other accidents that fall under the disclaimer of insurance terms.
      Deliberately caused damage, puncture and tire damage, loss of wheel cap etc.

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