Flow of use

New member registration and reservation

  1. Member registration

    Customers who use it for the first time, please register as a member from the website.

    • Membership registration is necessary before using in advance.
    • "Member ID" and "Password" will be issued so please keep it in a safe place.
      If you are a member, you can start from reservation by "member ID" and "password" from the second use.
  2. Reservation

    After membership registration, please make a reservation from the reservation form.

    • Advance reservation is required for use.
  3. Select vehicle type · plan · option

    We will choose the vehicle type, plan and options you use.

  4. Enter credit card information

    Enter credit card information.
    We will only settle the basic fee at the time of reservation.
    Also, we will separately limit the use of credit card for warranty.

    • Payment other than the basic fee will be charged at the time of visit.
  5. Booking is done

    Once the reservation completion mail arrives, the reservation will be completed.

On the day of use

  • About the lease of the car

    Please be sure to come to our sales office. Please take notice on accidents and notes.

  • What you need when you visit us
    • License (all people driving)
    • Credit card entered at the time of reservation
  • What you need for foreign nationals
    • Your driver's license
    • passport
    • credit card
    • Itinerary
    • International driver's license (based on the Convention on Road Traffic (Geneva Convention))
    • A foreign country concerning the operation of cars etc. (A country or region that has not licensed international licenses but has a licensing system that is deemed to be at the same level as Japan (currently Italy, Switzerland, Switzerland, Only in five countries and one region of the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic, Belgium, and Taiwan.) License (limited to those to which a Japanese translation prepared by a person specified by a Cabinet Order is attached).

Flow of acceptance of loan

  1. Confirmation of reservation

    Based on the content you reserved, we will confirm your name, usage time and model.

  2. Create contract

    Describe insurance, guarantee system, precautions, etc. and sign the contract.

  3. Copy of license

    I will receive a copy of my license.

  4. Operation explanation and vehicle exterior confirmation

    I will explain the operation of the vehicle. At that time, check with scratches, dents, etc. on the exterior together with the customer, complete the form on a dedicated form, and have the customer sign also.

  5. Departure

    Please take care and enjoy the drive.

Flow of acceptance of return ※ Because I lend the fuel with full tank, please return it with full tank when returning.

  1. Confirmation of fuel, interior / exterior / forgotten items

    In case of excess of usage time, breakage, shortage of gasoline, etc., we will charge a prescribed amount of money.

  2. Payment

    We will withdraw from credit card information you have in advance.
    In that case I will cancel the credit card usage frame.

HOW TO USE Explanation of usage method

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