Payment method

  • It will be handled only by credit card.
  • We will enter the credit card information you entered at the time of reservation.
  • In doing so, we will push part of the credit card usage frame with guarantee.
    ※ Please do not worry because it is not in settlement.
  • On the day of use, we will settle the payment from the credit card you registered.
  • Even if additional charges, cancellation etc., other expenses occurred, I will settle from credit card.
  • Debit card, CUP card are not supported on the system. Please note.


The usage fee will be the total price below.

  • Usage plan price
  • Compensation compensation fee
  • Option usage fee
  • Excess fee
    Gasoline fee
    (If necessary)
  • Regarding the use plan price, it varies for each car model.

About compensation system

Interpersonal compensation 1 person limit unlimited
Objective 1 Accidental limit Unlimited (self-burden amount 100,000 yen)
vehicle 1 Accidental limit Vehicle fair value (self-payment amount 100,000 yen)
※ However, only for GT-R (R35), it is assumed to be the vehicle's fair value (self-payment amount is 200,000 yen)
Passenger injury death Up to 30 million yen per person
  • Customers are responsible for the amount of deductibles for insurance and damages exceeding the insurance benefits to be paid.
  • For accidents that fall under the insurance policy disclaimer, insurance benefits will not be paid.
    If police accident certification can not be obtained, insurance money may not be paid.
    In case of accident please be sure to notify the police and obtain accident certificate.

Compensation indemnity system

When you join this system we will compensate the customer for the burden of exemption from vehicles / objective compensation (100,000 yen) that customers will bear in case of an accident.

Compensation compensation fee 1,080 yen to 2,160 yen / per day
※ The amount of money varies depending on the type of vehicle used

Non operation charge

If an accident is brought about by a rented car that was borrowed and repair of the vehicle is required, the following amount will be charged as part of the compensation for repair period.

When returning a rental car to a sales office
(In case of self-propelled case)
100 thousand yen
If you can not return your rental car to a sales office
(When it is not self-propelled)
¥ 200,000

Cancellation charge

In case of canceling reservation, reservation cancellation fee will be charged.

7 days before the date of use free
6 days ago ~ 3 days ago 20% of basic charge
2 days ago - previous day 30% of basic charge
That day 50% of basic charge
If you would like to delete a reservation, please contact the storefront.

HOW TO USE Explanation of usage method

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